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Meet The Puppy Leader Team

Puppy Leader is managed by a group of dog lovers and expert trainers. Every day, we work hard to keep our dogs happy and healthy. We are mindful of the way we train them as well as the food we feed them. We like to think that our dogs are the ones that are doing the teaching. Although there are several minds behind Puppy Leader, most of the website work is managed by our website owner, Peter Newman.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment for dog owners to learn everything there is about living with a dog. We want to provide people with proven methods to train and bond with their dogs. We want to be the best resource for solving dog-related problems and getting specific answers to specific questions.

The Puppy Leader Story

I’ve always wanted a dog growing up. My parents would never allow it. They’ve always been cat people and weren’t ready to have something more. As soon as I moved out, I rescued a little island dog from Puerto Rico. He had severe oral health issues and I had no idea what to do about it.

The veterinarian recommended giving him beef trachea to toughen his gums. I gave one to him and it was a bloody mess. His baby teeth all fell out in the process. He didn’t seem to mind it. He actually seemed happier for it. The very next day, all his adult teeth started to show. It worked like magic. 

As the months went on, I learned so much about dogs. I learned how to properly groom and bathe dogs, what it takes to properly walk a dog on a leash, and what kind of food is safe for dogs to eat. I would frequently take my dog to the park to socialize with the other dogs in the neighbourhood. When talking to the other dog owners, I was quickly realizing I probably spent a little too much time researching everything there is to know about dogs. 

People were coming to me for answers. They were looking at me like I was the expert. I found myself repeating the same things over and over, sometimes over email or text messages. Eventually, I got the idea to save these notes. They started to sound like blog posts you’d read online. I took the time to learn how to put together a website and I started publishing those posts here, on Puppy Leader.

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