Beef Trachea vs Rawhide

Chewing, past time for most dogs is fun and healthy for both the gum and teeth. It also provides excellent mental and physical exercise for all dogs. However, even if chewing is beneficial for them, some of those gnaws can be dangerous and life-threatening. For years now, the rawhide has been the most popular dog chew for most pet owners.

But this chew is hazardous to dogs as it is indigestible and can lead to gastrointestinal blockage. For this reason, there are several other types of gnaws that you need to know to be an alternative for rawhides. A good example is the beef trachea.

Dogs like chewing, and it is a natural behavior for all canines. Chewing allows dogs to exercise their jaws, clean their teeth, and explore their surroundings. Besides that, chewing alleviates boredom and mentally engages them. But if dogs can’t find the best chews to gnaw, they may end up in destructive chewing and behavior issues. One way of fulfilling your dog’s natural desires of chewing is by providing a ton of dog gnaw toys.

The other way of fulfilling this desire by supplying your dog with an ample supply of flavorful, tasty, and edible chews.

It can be hard to know which chew is healthy and safe for your dog since many types of gnaws are on the market. Even though no canine chew is safe, some are healthier than others. Moreover, it would help if you always inspect your dog chews to ensure no ingestion of large pieces as they can lead to gastrointestinal blockage or injuries.

Benefits of Beef Trachea

The beef trachea is a solution to a dog’s bad breathe, as it cleans a dog’s mouth, leaving it clean and with no foul odor.

Additionally, beef teachers offer some excellent nutritional benefits, such as healthy joint growth. If your dog has joint problems, using beef tracheas can be the best and easiest way to build healthy and longer joints.

Benefits of Rawhide

Rawhide chews keep a canine’s teeth clean, giving it a fresh breath always.

Rawhides also help maintain strong jaws in a dog.

They provide stimulating activities that alleviate anxiety and reduce boredom, hence an active day all-day long.

Rawhide bones help relieve a puppy’s teething discomfort. Besides, these bones help stimulate the growth of healthier adult teeth.

Other Kinds of Treats for Dogs to Gnaw On

Besides the beef trachea and rawhides, there are other types of treats you can give your dog to chew. They include:

  • Lamb horns
  • Beef hooves
  • Rawbones
  • Beef tendons
  • Beef ribs
  • Bully Sticks
  • Beef strips
  • Tartar bones
  • Turkey necks
  • Beef and pig ears

Dog Chews to Avoid

Although there is no dog chew that 100% safe and secure, some are even more dangerous and risky.

1. Dog chews that are too hard to gnaw, as they can cause oral injuries and tooth fractures.

2. Chews that are indigestible, like nylon chews and hard plastic. Indigestible chews often lead to indigestion and or even gastrointestinal blockage.

3. Rawhide, some dogs can take rawhide and do fine with it, but if they ingest a large piece, they can be in danger of irritation or blockage if the GI.

4. Animal bones, hooves, and antlers; pose a significant risk to dogs’ teeth and the digestive system.

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Digestible dog chews

Beef Trachea

Sometimes called windies, beef tracheas contain chondroitin and glucosamine and are majorly made up of cartridge.

Bully Sticks aka Beef Pizzle

These are the most common dog gnaws recently. These chews are made of beef pizzle and come in different sizes. They are flavourful and dense, but a bit costly and stinking.

Flavored Dental Chews

Dental chews contain easily digestible ingredients such as corn starch, poultry meal, or wheat gluten. However, these Greenies and N-bones are not suitable for dogs on a strict grain-free diet as they can cause allergy.


Rawhides are good at chewing but can cause you such tremendous havoc. It is prudent to choose a safe dog chew alternative to avoid the vet bill that awaits you if you continue using rawhide. Don’t risk the health of your dog; make the right choice now.