Best Elevated Dog Bed For Large Breeds

An elevated dog bed is something every dog owner should consider looking into, especially if you have a larger breed. For us, the final straw was when our dogs chewed through their 20th dog bed. We kept having to make visits to the pet store to buy replacement beds. Each bed we purchased cost us anywhere between twenty and eighty dollars. The last beds they chewed through cost us over two hundred dollars each.

A typical dog bed would last us anywhere between one to three weeks. The more expensive beds were actually made by Kong and those lasted the longest(about 4-6 months). We kept talking about buying one of those PVC beds that were constructed with plastic and metal with a tight material between the frame. At the time, those kinds of beds were only being made by custom manufacturers and the price was pretty hefty. Fast forward a couple of years and now these beds are readily available and they’re super affordable!

Best Elevated Dog Bed For Large Breeds

Elevated Dog Bed With Cooling Fabric
  • Breathable mesh fabric helps keep pets cool by allowing air to flow
  • Elevates pets more than 7 inches off the ground
  • Easy to clean (using tap water only); simple assembly (screws and hex tool included)

An elevated dog bed for a large breed dog is a great choice. If you’re worried about your dog is too big for these kinds of beds, then leave your worry at the door. Elevated dog beds doing a fantastic job of holding a lot of weight. Owners of dogs that weigh over 200 lbs found these beds to work just fine! Just make sure to buy a bed that is large enough to fit their entire body.

If you’re like us and have two dogs of varying sizes, we recommend just getting the biggest size twice. Our dogs share everything and don’t mind taking turns using the other’s bed. It’s better to have interchangeable beds between dogs rather than having one that’s too small for the bigger one.

Weight Restrictions: What Size To Buy

You’ll be pleased to hear these dog beds can actually sustain a great amount of weight. The main concern a dog owner should have when buying an elevated dog bed is not weight, but the overall size of the bed. Will your dog fit on this bed? Just make sure the check the dimensions of the dog bed before you buy it.

Multiple Dogs At Once

Be sure to check the reviews to see people’s stories about having more than one dog using the same bed. Some stories of having as many as three medium-sized dogs on a single bed give other dog owners confidence that this dog bed can hold their one gigantic dog!

Best Elevated Dog Bed For Large Breeds

Washable Fabric

One key feature of using an elevated dog bed is the wash-ability of the mesh fabric. It’s really easy to remove and even easier to wash. In this case, you’ll actually have to deconstruct the dog bed to remove the fabric. It might sound like a pain in the butt, but this is what makes the bed so strong in the first place. It only takes a couple of minutes and gets faster to do the more times you’ve done it. Depending on your dog, you may not even have to do it that often.

Added Padding

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra...
  • Laifug dog bed exclusive design,Double Pillow Smart Design
  • Smart Design:High 3" Pillow and 1.8" Pillow to PET Head Neck to Provide Maximum Comfort Support security
  • Orthopedic Memory Foam:30D Super Soft Foam and 40D Memory Foam.Provide Maximum Comfort Support.Won't flatten.The famous Laifug foam will retain at least 90% of its shape support for the next 3 years

It isn’t crucial to add padding, but some dog owners like to give their dogs the added comfort. These dog beds are very accommodating for putting any comforters on the top. You can put something as simple as a blanket or a pillow. For older dogs, their owners have been known to buy orthopedic pillows to use on top of the elevated dog bed. This way, your dog gets to be comfortable with the added benefit of good ventilation.

Replacement Mesh

Although it isn’t sold separately, it may be worth contacting the manufacturer about receiving a replacement mesh for your elevated dog bed. It some cases, it may be worth it to just purchase a new bed completely. Considering how much money we’ve saved from not having to buy new dog beds every few weeks, this is a small cost.