Best Leather Martingale Collars For Italian Greyhounds

It isn’t easy shopping for an Italian Greyhound, especially when it comes to leather collars. Their unique shape and size makes almost every regular piece of equipment unusable. This holds especially true for training collars. A martingale collar is great for leash training and serves other great purposes as well. Finding the best martingale collars for greyhounds can be a bit of a chore. So what options are out there? Keep reading and you’ll see exactly what’s in store for you and your greyhound.

Though you may think you need a wider style martingale collar, you may be shocked to learn that this style of collar was actually created for this type of dog breed in mind. Most martingale collars have a 1 1/2 inch wide strap. Some people have shown to use a strap that is actually much wider. This doesn’t add any benefit to the collar since the effectiveness doesn’t depend on the width of the strap. The actual best use for these collars is based on the functionality. The pull and tug tension created by the design of this collar is what makes it so effective.

Leather Martingale Collars For Italian Greyhounds

Best Leather Martingale Collar For Your Italian Greyhound

Mighty Paw Leather Martingale Collar
  • No More Leash Pulling – Recommended by dog trainers across the country. The collar provides cues and feedback to reduce pulling and enhance dog training.
  • Safe for your dog - Our collar provides gentle and controlled correction for your dog. The limited cinch collar tightens but doesn’t choke allowing your dog to learn without discomfort.
  • The Last Collar You'll Ever Need – Made with 100% genuine leather the collar features a stainless-steel chain for improved durability, making it far superior to collars made with metal hardware.

Believe us when we say it isn’t easy to find these exact collars. Most dog collars are pretty generic and to find something specific can take a bit of digging. This martingale collar made by Mighty Paw is made from very high-quality leather that feels smooth to the touch. It’s designed to be gentle and delicate, so don’t go buying this for a boxer at the same time. For an Italian Greyhound, you won’t find a better choice.

Wide Martingale Collars For Greyhounds

Wide Strap Martingale Collar For Greyhound
  • Martingale Greyhound/ Saluki/ Whippet dog collar 2'' wide
  • This collar is made of Jacquard ribbon and strong polypropylene webbing
  • Good quality welded metal fittings

A wider strap can mean a more comfortable fit for your greyhound. The wider surface area gives a different kind of approach to the typical martingale collars on the market. It makes sense to get your greyhound a wider strap collar. Whether you are performing a correction or they are pulling on their own, their elongated neck will have the tugging motion spread out across more surface area.


As for overall comfort, who are we to decide for your dog? Every dog is unique in its own right. That’s what makes them so fun and interesting to have as companions. Many dogs will usually give you a clear signal of what is comfortable for them. Our opinion on the matter is that the width of the strap does not matter. What matters most is the effectiveness of the design.

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