Dog Beds for Dogs That Like to Burrow

Dogs, just like any other pets, sleep an average of 12-16 hours a day. By providing your dog with a quality bed, you are giving him a much-needed place where they can go and rest and sleep much better. With the right dog bed, your dog feel secure and safe. If you do not provide a dog with a proper bed, they will find a way to create their own den, mostly at the expense of your favorite couch.

When it comes to pampering your dog and helping him get a good night’s rest, there are varieties of dog beds available to choose from. Your favorite dog deserves a comfortable bed that will make them feel secure while sleeping.

What are Burrow Beds?

Burrow beds are the ideal solution when it comes to providing your dog with a cozy and private place to relax and sleep. If your dog displays burrowing behavior, it’s time to reward him with dog beds for dogs that like to burrow.

Burrow beds are designed in the shape of a tunnel with an opening on one side. The top part is made of a soft, shapeable blanket that provides a lot of body contact with the dog, perfect for cuddling and burrowing. They come with an enclosed space that allows the dog to sleep comfortably on the cushion.

Burrow Blankets

According to pet experts, dogs are den animals, which means they love to sleep or relax in a covered space. Burrow blankets come in handy for dogs that like cuddling and burrowing. These blankets bring not only comfort but also a den-like sense of security for dogs.

Burrow blankets are ideal for snuggly dogs. They come with an innovative lining that reflects your dog’s body heat, keeping him warm, especially in the cold weather. Additionally, the burrow blankets provide your dog with a good place to snuggle in, lay on, and an opening to burrow into.

Breeds that Like to Burrow

Dogs have a naturally burrowing behavior. However, this behavior is more evident more in some dogs than others. Burrowing occurs when a dog buries his body underneath blankets and starts wiggling underneath, until the whole body is completely covered

.While many dogs burrow because it’s their nature, others do it when they are anxious, feeling cold or when looking for food sources. This activity is both for smaller and large breeds.

These are the kind of dogs that like to burrow.


The Dachshund is a German-bred dog that uses his short legs to burrow into the earth. When burrowing, the dog uses his nose and instincts to dig in an attempt to find rodents in the yard.

Alaskan Malamute

These are active working dogs. During the cold weather, they burrow to keep warm.


The Terriers are known as natural hunters or earth dogs. They like to pursue rodents and other animals. Though they are small, they are tough and persistent. They burrow with vigor and energy to reach their targets.


The Beagles are hound dogs, which mean they are bred to hunt. They love to dig as most of their prey is underground.


The Huskies breeds dig up for different reasons. During extreme temperatures, they dig to keep warm or cool. Additionally, huskies dig to find prey. They can dig up very fast, leaving your yard with tunnels from their burrowing behavior.

Are They Machine Washable?

The best dog bed should be machine washable. This is to ensure that you keep it looking fresh and clean throughout. Some beds come with removable bed covers, which is quite convenient when washing. Make sure that you dry the bed well.

The 5 Best Dog Bed For Puppies That Like To Burrow

1. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Dog Bed

Best Friends by Sheri The Original...
  • SUPPORTS BETTER SLEEP: Thanks to its round shape, our high-quality zippered Donut Cuddler cat and dog bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up; The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides...
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Cozy, flexible, and finished with vegan faux shag fur, our warming luxury zippered dog bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat; Paired with deep crevices that allow your pet to...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN and MAINTENANCE: Available in beautifully natural colors, our cat and dog donut cuddler beds are a seamless addition to any room’s décor; Finished with water and dirt-resistant...

This dog bed comes with a round donut shape that is ideal for pets who curl up. It is designed with pet-friendly materials such as nylon and faux fur to create the dog mattress. The bed is machine washable and should be dried thoroughly in a dryer.

It comes in different sizes, from small to larger breeds. For comfort and superior sleep, the bed is paired with deep crevices that allow the dog to burrow.

2. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable...
  • ★ Super Comfort & High quality: The bed is about 23”x 23”x 6'', perfect for your cat, or small dog up to 25lbs. With faux shag fur, the round bed is ultra soft, warm and comfortable for your...
  • ★ User-friendly Design: raised rim design to make your dog and cat can curl up, have fun, provide head and neck support and promote feelings of security without no worries!
  • ★ Lightweight & Portable: this cozy bed is lightweight and portable for travel. It is very easy for transportation and convenient to carry it in the car; this petfusion dog bed could let your pets...

The bed dimensions are 23x23x6 inches, which is perfect for a dog that weighs up to 25lbs. The bed is fitted with faux shag fur for additional warmth to your dog. It has a raised design that provides neck and head support to your dog. It is lightweight and convenient to carry in the car when traveling.

3. Furhaven Pet Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed - Memory Foam Round...
  • PET FRIENDLY DESIGN: The bed cover features an attached blanket that can be used as is or converted into a tented burrowing cave, with either configuration providing a cozy nestling space for pets to...
  • SLEEP SURFACE: The interior sleep surface is lined with insulating sherpa fleece, while the hooded blanket exterior features easy-care micro suede; both fabrics are soft-to-touch and serve to suit...
  • EASY ON JOINTS: The memory foam top cradles and contours to your pet's unique figure to help cushion pressure points, relieve joint pain, and provide optimum support for body alignment; these efforts...

This bed comes with a hooded blanket made of soft-touch fabrics for a comfortable sleeping surface. For easy cleaning, it has a removable dog bed cover that is machine washable. The bed is available in different colors, such as gray, blue, cream, and pink.

4. Pet Tent Soft Bed

Best Pet Supplies Best Pet SuppliesPet...
  • PLUSH PET TENT: We’ve designed these tent houses for dogs and cats using faux suede, linen or corduroy and each comes with soft poly-foam lining.
  • GREAT INDOOR LOOK: The timeless style of our grey plush pet beds allows them to seamlessly blend into any décor.
  • COZY HOUSE: The dimension of this indoor tent gives your pet a touch of privacy and creates a nice sense of security.

The bed is designed using faux suede and linen and comes with a poly-foam lining for added comfort. The bed is machine washable. Traveling with this dog bed is easy as it acts like a soft crate. It is grey, and this makes the bed blend well into your home.

5. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed |...
  • MULTIPLE SIZES: Pick the perfect size for your pup! *Please note, we’ve recently made size improvements.* Available in Small (24” x 16” x 3"), Medium (29" x 18" x 3”), Large (35” x 22” x...
  • HIGH-QUALITY COMFORT: The therapeutic gel memory foam comforts your dog by relieving body aches, joint pain, hip dysplasia, and arthritis, and giving optimal therapeutic support. It also works great...
  • WATERPROOF & MACHINE WASHABLE: Easily combat accidents and keep your dog’s bed looking and smelling fresh and clean. No more messes! The zippered cover slides off seamlessly for convenient cleaning!...

This is an orthopedic dog bed that comes with a gel memory foam that helps in relieving joint pains, body aches, and therapeutic supports. The bed is waterproof and machine washable. It comes with multiple sizes so that you can choose the perfect size for your dog.

Your dog deserves a comfortable bed that he will feel safe and burrow into. Make sure you select from the beds mentioned above. They are long-lasting, worth your money, and will give your dog the best experience.