How Does A Dog Feel When Rehomed

Re-homing can be a tuff time but just keep calm and you can succeed.

When it’s time to bring the new puppy home for re-homing, it can be quite a tense time. Within these moments owners can notice the dogs experiencing different moods, being anxious, scared and cautious. The new puppy has just moved in with their new family and it’s all about making the transition easy for the little ones. The new family and environment can be a dramatic shift from the home they were just growing up in.

Puppies are naturally drawn to warmth and comfort just like a new born baby! As much as we wish we could hold them in our arms we have day to day priorities that have to get done. Thus creating loneliness for the puppy, which can create anxiety and depression missing their mother and other pups. What can help with these moments is using a comfort toy or fleece blanket, creating warmth and a secure feeling for the little ones.

With the help of SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy you can now get assistance with this cute toy, this aid can help with lots of different moments the little flur-balls can encounter.


Snuggle puppy isn’t only for just helping the puppy sleep but also with anxiety, re-homing and comfort. The toy has lots of benefits which can help with day to day moments such as nap time, with the Real-feel pulsing heartbeat, the puppy will feel and hear a heartbeat keeping them calm. The heart beat can be activated by a touch button that’s on a removable heart attachment which can be removed from the toy, making it easy for cleaning.


Ease the separation anxiety and loneliness with great aid, with the heartbeat function you can mimic the heart of the mother dog and also the option of using the heating packs. The packs are similar to hot paws but safe for humans and dogs, with the temperature being just right! Adding the SmartPet Heat pack to the toy can make the plush feel more lifelike for the puppy for naptime, giving them the feeling that they are napping with the other puppies.

Crate Training

Crate training isn’t always easy for every dog, some will enjoy the space and other will just want out. If you start training within the first month this toy can add a great benefit for helping. Not everyone wants to feel alone so by adding this toy that offers warmth and a heart-beat, can help with separation anxiety when first starting out with crate training. The puppy will have its comfort toy keeping them company when you have to go out and do errands adding a sense of comfort when you are at work or out doing errands.

Negative Behaviour

Separation anxiety and stress can create negative behaviors which can result in habits the dog can carry on for their lifespans. Whimpering can happen when the dog is alone and sad, teaching itself to speak up and bark, but this can create complications within living environments. This can be anything from the housing the puppy lives in such as an apartment / condo or even having a newborn in the house. Using the warmth and heartbeat with the toy can create a calming effect on the puppy, allowing them to sooth themselves to sleep and relax. Using a toy the dog can see comfort in can help reduce and stop negative behaviors in their tracks!

A toy that can help as an aid when it comes to comforting the new puppies can be a true asset for how the dog will grow up.  Helping stop the bad habits from forming in their early years can benefit so much in the future when the dog. Remember the old saying, “Can’t teach an old dog, new tricks”.