How Much to Feed a Lab Puppy

Lab puppies are such a joy to have around. They are always so excited and happy, and they love to play games with you. But how much should you feed your lab puppy? What food is the best for them? In this article, we will go over how many calories your lab puppy needs on average per day, how many cups of water it takes in daily, as well as what types of foods make good snacks.

Decide on a feeding schedule

A feeding schedule is how often an animal is fed. Dogs should be fed at least once every day, so decide on a time for your lab puppy to eat and stick with it.

Meals can be split up across the day. If you want to feed your lab puppy a smaller meal twice per day, that is totally possible. However, if they eat too much at one time it can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Finding how many times a day to feed a puppy is about finding balance. If this becomes an issue for your pup then divide their food into two meals per day with morning and evening as the best time frames.

Always feed them at the same time each day so they can know when to expect their next meal and how much time is left before they eat. If you are feeding your lab puppy once a day, you can feed him at 9 a.m. every day.

If you are feeding him twice a day, you can feed him a 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. to split the daily intake. These times are just examples, and you can use whatever times you wish. Just be sure to feed him at those times every day. This schedule can change over time as your puppy grows into an adult dog and can change several times until your puppy stops growing.

Give treats sparingly

Dogs love snacks, just like people, but sometimes too many goodies can make eating their regular meals less satisfying which leads to begging around the house. Keep snacks limited as rewards for good behavior or hard work on walks instead of giving them out freely all day long.

Determine how much to feed your puppy

A good rule of thumb is how many calories are in their food.

Lab puppies can consume anywhere from 560-750 calories each day on average depending on how active they are or how old they get overall or how heavy they grow as well. As long as you know what types of foods make up those calories (which we’ll go over next) you should be able to figure out how much food will fit.

Lab puppies should consume at least between 400-500 kcal each day for their first year of life. This number can vary depending on whether there is an increase in activity level or not–some days might see more than 500kcal while others could fall below 400kcal (such as if the weather was particularly hot).

These numbers change as your puppy gets older. Most dog food packaging has a weight chart you could use as a guideline. If you are using puppy food, it will also give you an idea of when to stop giving puppy food to your lab puppy.

Find the right food for your dog’s age and weight

Finding the right food for your lab puppy’s age and weight is key. The best way to find how much food you need to feed your lab pup would be by consulting the visual color chart on their packaging, which will tell you how many cups or how many ounces based on what type of dog they are–these range from puppy stages through your dog’s adult life (check with your veterinarian for more information).

Know the best time of day to feed your pup 

The best time of day to feed your lab puppy would be in the morning or evening, not midday. It’s important to provide their stomachs with a break and any food that is consumed should be given at least two hours before they go outside again–this will help them avoid vomiting while more active.

Give at least two hours between meal and going out for additional exercise activities (to reduce vomit/vomiting).

Get an idea of how much water to give him or her each day 

The amount of water your lab puppy needs each day can be roughly calculated by watching how much they drink in relation to how many calories they consume. It is important for them to stay hydrated.

A good rule of thumb is to give them about one ounce for every 100 calories. It’s important that the water you provide is from an appropriate source (i.e., not out of your tap).

For example, if they consume 2500 calories per day, then 250 ounces or eight cups. You can also use this as a guideline on how often to refill their bowl with fresh water throughout the day!

Pups need at least two liters each day so it would be best to have multiple bowls and fill one up while another is being consumed by the dog in order to keep him hydrated all day.

Understand what goes into making a balanced meal

Dogs need to have protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins in order for them to stay healthy. Protein comes from meat sources like beef or chicken while carbs are found with dry dog foods and veggies such as potato or carrots. Fats are necessary for your pup’s coat health so adding olive oil on top of their food can help keep it shiny between baths!

Minerals come from bones that you feed at least once per week which will provide calcium for strong teeth and dental care. Vitamins A & D are also important because they allow blood clotting along with bone growth- both very crucial functions for dogs’ bodies.

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