Knowing How Much Vitamin E To Give A Dog

Knowing how much Vitamin E to give your dog is good to know if you’re trying to improve their health with supplements or daily vitamins. Since we aren’t pros or experts in veterinary health, we like to cross-reference all the different products out there to draw a line for what is acceptable.

First, we take a look at this multi-vitamin for dogs that includes all sorts of vitamins, including Vitamin E.

Complete Health Daily Includes Vitamin A Vitamin B12 Copper Choline Manganese Vitamin D3 Vitamin E Zinc Iron to Ensure Complete Nutritional Support

By taking a look at the back of the packaging, you can see that a single soft chew multivitamin has 15 IU of Vitamin E. Then we check the daily recommended dose for these soft chews.

vitamin e for dogs 15 iu per soft chew

Then we look at the recommended dosage based on the weight of your dog. For a dog under 25 Lbs. you will want to give them half a soft chew, or 7.5 IU of Vitamin E. For a dog between 25 Lbs. and 75 Lbs. you can give them 1 soft chew, of 15 UI of Vitamin E. Any dog over 75 Lbs can take 2 soft chews, or 30 IU of Vitamin E.

Knowing How Much Vitamin E To Give A Dog

Therefore we can tell exactly how much Vitamin E is recommended for taking by some top brands that have already done the research for us! You can do this with any supplement you’re giving your dog. Some multivitamins may even have different numbers and that will help you draw a clearer picture of how much vitamin E you can give your dog (if you wanted to give him more).

You can buy this daily multivitamin for you dog by following the product recommendation below!

Complete Health Daily Includes Vitamin A...
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED FORMULA-Vitamin soft chews promote healthy living with top ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Copper, Choline, Manganese, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Zinc, Iron and other essential...
  • 30 CT CONTAINER- 30 soft chews per container, 1-2 chews per day depending on weight.
  • GREAT TASTE 100% GUARANTEED! Made with Exclusive Yumology flavoring with food grade quality which your pets will love!

Benefits of Giving Your Dog Vitamin E

Making sure your dog is getting enough Vitamin E has a huge list of benefits that are definitely worth paying attention to. As outlined in an article about the importance of giving your dog vitamins, your dog will appreciate the extra care.

From consistently healthy levels of Vitamin E, you can expect your dog to start seeing:

  • Better eyesight
  • Stronger muscles
  • If you’re trying to breed a dog, the chances of success will increase (fertility)
  • Indirectly supports their immune system
  • In some ways can even improve their heart health
  • And everyone’s favorite…they get a cleaner, shinier coat!

Should You Concern Yourself With Other Vitamins?

Absolutely. The effects of just one vitamin can bring immense positive effects to your dog’s life, but like all things, you want it to be well-rounded.

Getting more vitamins is always a good thing. Focusing on just one vitamin can help with an isolated problem, but if you’re already taking vitamins, why not take all of them? It’s actually easier to take a multivitamin that blankets all your dog’s health needs instead of just focusing on the one or two problems he or she may have.

If your dog ends up enjoying taking soft chews, just know that lots of cool supplements for dogs actually offered in soft chew form! You can get anything from high fibre soft chews to flea and tick medication soft chews!

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