How Often Do Puppies Urinate

If you want to bring a puppy home, a dog’s health should be your primary consideration. You should know every aspect of your pet’s health. Most dog owners usually find it hard to know exactly how often do dogs need to go out to urinate or poop.

Your dog can endure an entire road trip without squirming on a seat, and your friend’s dog might not tolerate it. How often a dog goes out might vary from one dog to another, so, as a pet owner, you need to observe your pup first.

For this reason, read here for more in-depth information to answer all your questions about how often a dog needs to go out.

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How often your dog should go out to urinate

Just like you, your pet can’t cross legs and hold the urine forever. It needs to go out and release itself to prevent messes in the house and bladder issues. You will be a better pet owner if you can understand how often your canine needs to go out to urinate.

Your average dog should go outside three to five times a day to pee. According to veterinarians, adult canines should not go out six to eight hours between outside trips.

How often should a dog go out for a walk?

Dogs cannot stay at home all day long without going out for a walk. If they do so, they might get dormant and bored, which can make them start snacking on your shoes and other items. Therefore, you should consider taking your dog out daily (at least two or three times a day). However, your dog’s number of times to go out in a day depends on several factors. They include:


Older dogs are less active than puppies, as puppies have higher energy levels and are much interested in playing.


The breed that a dog has will determine the number of times it should go out. Pointer and shepherds require more exercise than lap dogs, while some canines prefer being home all day. So, it is crucial to check if your dog is a lapdog or an active doggie before deciding how often to take it out

How many times a day will my dog go outside?

Younger dogs require frequent bathroom breaks than older ones. Older dogs have developed bodies that can hold urine, and with proper house training, older dogs need to go out at least 3 to 4 times a day. Puppies, on the other hand, require several potty breaks. So, if you have a puppy, ensure you let it out 15 minutes after eating or drinking.

How often should a dog go out at night?

No one would like to have their fancy carpets messed up with a pet’s urine. Likewise, nobody will want to stay outside at night waiting for their pets to pee. To avoid all these hassles, you need to understand how many times you will take your dog out. Puppies need to go out for a night walk before sending them to sleep. For those puppies younger than three months, you should take them out at least three times for a night.

Every dog is unique

Just like humans, dogs are also unique from one another. Several factors can reduce the number of peeing trips your dog makes per day. They include age, size, breed, diet, and the amount of water a dog can drink. So, oversee your pet’s patterns.

Dogs’ urination

Peeing is a biological process that is healthy for your dogs. It would help if you learned when and how often your canine pees. The number of times a dog pees depends on its age, health status, and sex. Approximately, a healthy dog produces twenty milliliters of urine daily. Preferably, both puppies and d adult dogs can go out for up to five times a day and, of course, consider the amount of water it takes on that day.

Age and bathroom breaks

Puppies urinate more often than adult dogs. Senior dogs can sometimes forget to get out to pee, but typically, middle-aged dogs need a bathroom break every four to six hours, depending on the breed, weight, and health status of the dog. However, some adult docs can find it challenging to hold their pee long enough and need frequent bathroom breaks.


Taking a canine out to exercise or pee is a crucial part of their health. If you are a pet owner, it is your responsibility to devote your time to take care of your dog regardless of your occupied schedule. Knowing when and how frequent your dog should go out will save you both energy and time in the long run. Besides, it will keep your dog happy and healthy always.