How Often Should You Brush Dogs Teeth?

Most of us remember being taught by our parents while we were still young to always brush our teeth at least twice a day. And though we might not have seen the value then, it’s now clear that oral health is very important. And just like you, your pets require good dental hygiene and health to ensure their teeth remain healthier while also helping to prevent dental health problems.

Oral care for pets usually includes brushing the dog’s teeth while at home or finding a professional to help in cleaning them. But most pet owners fail to clean their dog’s teeth for various reasons yet it’s important.

It’s probably more frequent than you currently brush your dog’s teeth

Just like the human teeth, always clean the dog’s chompers regularly. If you fail to brush their teeth regularly, then there will be a buildup of plaque resulting in dental problems like sore gums and toothaches. This is not only uncomfortable but if left for long, then bacteria can enter your dog’s bloodstream and affect major organs like the heart, liver, and kidney.

According to a report by major veterinarians, over 70% of under 4 dogs have a type of periodontal disease that may result in teeth infection and loss. The most vital part of keeping the dog healthy is by ensuring it has maintained good oral hygiene.

Why It Is So Important to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Well, let’s start first with the importance of brushing the dog’s teeth. It’s because dental health is very vital to its overall health and oral bacteria can cause bone health, periodontal, and other medical problems if not addressed on time. This affects the time the pet will live and poor oral care will result in a shorter life span for the pet. If you want your dog to live a longer and healthier life, then you must maintain its dental hygiene.

What Products Work Best For Your Dog’s Teeth

Some of the best tooth brushing products are:

A Long-Handled Toothbrush– for a toothbrush, you’ll need one with a long handle that is designed for the pets. It should also be strong enough and resistant to breaking or snapping.

Toothpaste– There are many dog toothpaste in the market and are available in dog-friendly flavors like beef, poultry, and peanut butter. Alternatively, you can DIY and create homemade toothpaste.

The Proper Way to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Well, the first step is to get the right supplies for brushing your dog’s teeth. These are the toothbrush and toothpaste first. Once they’re ready, get your dog to a comfortable position and start brushing his teeth slowly while rewarding him with treats when everything goes on well. Also, don’t forget to take breaks when doing this activity. Ensure you do this activity when the dog is calm and relaxed and not when they’re busting with energy.

Teeth-Brushing Alternatives

Well, if your dog hates teeth brushing then some alternatives will ensure they have proper oral hygiene. These include wipes, gels, and water additives that will help them avoid gum disease and dental decay. Additionally, chews will be helpful as some contain enzymes and chlorhexidine that helps your dog clean your mouth.

If you want your dog to be happier and healthier all the time, then it’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene or them. that way, you will help them avoid dental issues or periodontal diseases and have a longer life span.