How Often Should You Trim Dog Nails?

Most dog owners are not pleased with this idea of trimming their pet’s nails and the dogs aren’t excited with it either. This is because nail cutting is surrounded by drama and anger and for those active dogs, it will be unnecessary to trim their nails since the high mileage will enable them to do this process naturally. But those suburban or city dogs who rarely travel or walk daily, it’s common to find them with long toenails.

Well, so after how long should you trim your dog’s nails every day. It should be every 1-2 months and if they click on the floor when the dog is walking, then they will surely need some trimming. Additionally, the dog’s front nails grow faster than the back ones, and therefore, it may not be important to trim your dog’s rear nails as you would with the front nails.

Why it’s important to Trim your Dog’s Nails

The dog’s nails are a part of their skeletal system and if they are too long then they will cause the foot bones to flatten leading to more angling of the metacarpal and the phalanx bones when the dog is walking or standing. Over time, these changed angles lead to joint pressure which in time can cause joint pain or arthritis. This becomes even riskier when the dog is senior and it will add more discomfort to them.

Why Puppies Need More Frequent Nail Trims

Puppies spend most of their time indoors and rarely travel for miles or walk like the senior dogs. Also, their activity levels are lower and they experience higher nail growth than the rest of the dogs making it important to trim their nails frequently.

What to do with Extra-Long Dog Nails

If your dog has extra-long nails, then use a rotary grinder instead of the clippers. It is the best alternative to clipping and the good news is you will find many high-quality ones on Amazon and other marketplaces. But note that it produces high-pitch sounds and vibrations and your dog might take time to get accustomed to these sounds.

Common Problems with Cutting a Dog’s Nails

Dog Anxiety– The most common problem is anxiety and dog owners have an uphill task of keeping their dogs calm when trimming their nails.

Bleeding– There is a blood vessel called “quick” in dogs that runs across their nails and if you cut too much of the nails, then they can cause bleeding. This can be frightening to both the dog and owner but you can quickly wipe it and use some styptic powder to stop the bleeding

Squirmy Dogs– Many dogs hate having their nails trimmed and they will therefore squirm at you. if that happens, then try to keep the dog still but if it’s hard then get a professional to help you out.

Dark Colored Nails– These are harder to see through unlike light-colored nails which makes it important to cut It very carefully to avoid reaching the sensitive parts that may result in bleeding.

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails Safely?

Well, to clip your dog’s nails, you should follow the steps below:

Get some high quality and well-sharpened clippers

Hold the paw gently but firmly and cut the nails small at a time at a 45-degree angle

In case you cut a large nail accidentally then avoid panicking as you will make the dog to panic too.

Finally, enjoy the chore as your dog will dread it if you do the same.

Dog hygiene is very essential, and cutting your dog’s nails falls into this prospect. It helps maintain your dog’s bone and joint health and since your dog will become more vulnerable to joint diseases in its senior years, it’s paramount to keep their nails in the good health.