How to Cut Dog Nails That Are Too Long?

Cutting your dog’s nail takes patience and lots of careful decisions. It is the most difficult of all grooming tasks, but one of the most important. Use a professional dog nail clipper to help make it quick, easy, and painless for your dog. When you need to clip your dog’s nail and your dog is scared of the clippers, you should take a moment to let them familiarize themselves with the clippers.

Make sure to use the proper size of the nail clipper during the process. Most people get one that is too big. It is vital to have “stop bleeding powder” and Q-tips handy also. Now you are ready.

Put the dog on the table. Start with front paws and cut only ¼ in at the end of the nail to start. On white nails, you can see the pink where the “quick” begins, but black nails are harder. Do not cut the nails so short that you are cutting into the “quick”.

Cutting into the quick will cause the nails to bleed. If it bleeds, don’t panic. Dip a Q-tip in “stop bleed powder” and hold tip to end of the bleeding nail for 60 seconds, the bleeding will stop.

How Often Should You Cut Your Dogs Nails

As often as you hear your dog clicking on the floor because, ideally your dog should not be clicking. That also means that you don’t need to sweat about getting the nail super short because your dog still needs to dig in when running around on the grass. It just needs not to touch the floor.

For dogs that can’t help clicking on the floor because their quicks are maybe too long to be cut short enough yet, the nail cutting needs to occur more often to help the quick recede. Once every 1-2 weeks appear to be the optimum recommendation for dogs who need their quicks receded.

Confidence comes with knowing that you are not going to hurt your dog. And that means you are confident when you can cut and when you need to stop cutting so you don’t hurt the dog.

When nails; are constantly jamming into their nail beds due to the long nails impact with the hard floor, it can get uncomfortable or sore for the dog. So cutting the dog’s nails when they start clicking on the floor at home is recommend.

How to Restrain a Dog to Clip Its Nails

Restraining your dog is not the ideal ways to clip its nails. Although some dogs don’t respond well to getting their nails clipped, you should always make an effort to keep them feeling safe and comfortable. If that doesn’t work, then restraint would probably be necessary.

Try to let your dog sniff the nail clippers you are using. This comes down to allowing your dog to feel comfortable around the nail clippers. Maybe poke at their feet or nails a bit with the clippers to show them what you mean to do with it. Slowly but surely, your dog will understand what you are trying to do.

You’ve got to face the facts, though. Getting your nails clipped isn’t exactly a comfortable experience. You can’t be surprised if your dog isn’t up to it. Restraining should be done gently and without any whining from your dog. Your dog will be uncomfortable, but you are working towards a common goal. If this is experience is too much for your dog, stop immediately and try again later.

Bring lots of high quality treats to keep him happy. This kind of poking and prodding is uncomfortable and painful. Using the right equipment can make all the difference for improving the quality of the experience for your dog.

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How to Cut Black Dog Nails

Black dog’s nails develop continually and need ordinary sections. If you don’t stay aware of your dog’s nails, they will keep developing on the pads on their feet, which is amazingly agonizing.

The best clippers for most sizes of dogs are guillotine style. A popular kind of clippers that is suitable for smooth cutting of black nails. For a gentler approach, consider using a low noise nail grinder. It waers the nail down with a rotating nail file that takes a bit longer, but is much safer and gentler on your dog. The only issue with this method of cutting nails is the whizzing noise of the motor when it reaches high speed. This can frighten your dog. There are grinders that now operate at lower noise lowers.

Here are some tips on how to cut black dog nails:

  1. Start by making your dog comfortable with having his paws handled.
  2. When he is calm and relaxed, start gradual stroking of the paws, this is to enable your pup to get used to his paws being handled by you.
  3. If your dog is uncomfortable with having his paws touched, continue stroking them from time to time when he is relaxed several times a day, always giving it a treat at the same.
  4. Once he is okay with stroking, take his paw in your hand and give him a treat.
  5. Do this frequently until it already allows you to hold his paw for a few seconds at a time.

How Do You Cut a Dogs Nails that Are Black

Cutting your dog’s black nails is nerve-wracking because you can’t see the quick. However, with the right information and tools, trimming your dog’s black nails doesn’t have to be a trial. Read on to learn how to safely trim your dog’s black nails with less stress for both of you.

Your dog’s toenail is made up of two main parts. There’s the nail itself, which is hard outer shell that grows similarly to human fingernails. And then there’s the quick, the inner cuticle of the blood vessel and nerve.

The nails itself doesn’t have nerve endings, so your dog shouldn’t feel anything when you trim it. However, the quick can cause pain. When trimming your dog’s black nails, learning to avoid the quick will save you both a lot of stress.

When cutting your dog’s black toenails, follow these guidelines:

  • Go slowly
  • Hold your dog’s paw firmly but gently.
  • Position the clippers to cut the nails from top to bottom (not side to side)
  • From a very small length of the nail, about 1/16th of an inch.