How Can I Stop My Dog from Jumping Up On Me

You may have experienced visiting another persons’ house when you are almost knocked over by a dog jumping up on you that has not been trained. This is the way dogs greet each other in the wild. This may not be a problem when the dog is a puppy, but they have a habit of growing up. Since there are people who do not like dogs, they will not appreciate this activity.

An effective obedience training way of stopping your dog from jumping up is to grasp its two front paws gently. Hold n until it struggles, then let it go. Be careful as it may nip your hands to get free. With some dogs, this training method can show almost immediate results, especially for large dogs.

Another training method when your dog tries to jump on someone is to put their front feet firmly back on the ground. This method is more suitable for small dogs rather than bulky ones. Give a verbal command such as “down” or “sit down”.

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Why Do Dogs Jump on People?

Dogs jumping on people is already universal problem. Every dog owner finds it so annoying and embarrassing.

Just imagine when you have a guest, and she is wearing something really nice and clean when your excited dog would jump on her. That could be very irritating on your guest’s part.

Have you ever wondered why your dog behaves that way? It is good to learn about your dog’s character in order to make your dog stop and not put you in embarrassing situations.

Here are the 3 top reasons why dogs jump on people:

  1. Dogs Have a Dominating Nature

Every dog has a nature of dominating people. The reason why dog jumping has become a universal problem is that dogs simply have it in their system since birth. They jump on people to send a message that they are the leader. However, this can be stopped with proper dog training.

  1. It is a Greeting Instinct

Your dog is a social animal. One of his instincts is to demonstrate his excitement to see you, and he intends to smell and lick your face. However, because of the height restriction, the tendency is to jump on you to reach your face or any part of it. It is an expression of submission.

  1. Your Dog Seeks Attention

When your dog jumped on you and found out than it is an effective way to get your attention, then he will keep doing it not only to you but also to those around him. Your pet finds pleasure when he jumps on people. Dogs are attention seekers, and they are very playful.

How to Teach Your Dog Not to Jump on People

If you have a dog that jumps all over you, or even worse, all over your children on your visitors, then you have a problem. However, there are techniques used by professional dog trainers that can help you re-train your dog so that you can work towards eliminating this irritating habit.

Some dogs get excited when you return from just a short walk to the front mailbox and proceed to show how much they love you by jumping all over you. If your dog is doing this, then you can be sure that he is probably inclined to do the same to your visitors.

Some techniques that you can use to re-educate your jumping dog include the following:

  • Appear disinterested when you first arrive home. Avoid the temptation to allow your puppy to jump up into your arms. If the puppy does try to jump up, give the “stop” command and then turn away, thus ignoring his attention-seeking behavior. Once he has calmed down, you can proceed to reward him with his eagerly awaited pat.
  • Bend down to greet your dog so that he doesn’t see the need to come up to your height. Wait until he is sitting to give the usual greeting affection.
  • If the jumping is excessive, some dog lovers have found success with using a water spray, but of course, this is not such a good solution if your training is indoors.