How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Clothes And Bedding

Fleas, as tiny as they are, are usually very stubborn and hard to control. You might think you have eliminated them, but they just come back in full force, ready to suck blood. The most annoying part is that you must not have pets for your house to be attacked by fleas; they just come.

Flea bites are very painful and itchy. It would help if you got rid of them once they infest your home. Immediate and thorough action should be taken once they get into your beddings or pets beddings. Washing is not enough for such a massive attack.

What Are Fleas

Fleas are jumping tiny insects. When fully grown, their size is almost that of a pinhead. They are usually black, brown, or have a red tint and are flat on both sides. They can jump so high and land on any warm-blooded creature though they lack wings.

Signs Of Fleas

Detecting fleas is quite tricky because of their size. You may need to check beneath the carpets, and once they sense warm blood, they will jump on you. Pets also are easily attacked by fleas, and they will continuously scratch at flea bites. This indicates that fleas have infested your pet.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Clothes And Beddings

The process of removing fleas from clothes and beddings entails thorough cleaning. First, wash all clothes and beddings in cold water for 10 minutes. Some fleas may die but flea eggs and adults won’t die quickly and can survive for up to 7 days.

Secondly, wash them in hot water depending on the fabric type. Fleas and eggs will die in temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. Lastly, quarantine and treat pets so that they do not bring back pests on your clean clothes and beddings.

How To Kill Fleas

In most cases, fleas are chemically bombed in the absence of humans and pets for 2-3 days to get rid of fleas. For pets, detergents, anti-flea medication plus shampoos should be used to wash the pets. You may also sprinkle salt or diatomaceous earth on the carpet and suffocate the fleas. Lastly, you should frequently wash your beddings and clothes in warm water.

DIY Flea Treatment

There are some quality products that when used frequently and as directed, drive away all fleas. These products can be applied to pets, carpets, or even the entire home. They include products like Bayer advantage II flea collar, Zeacon Precor 2000 plus, and vets natural flea and tick spray.

Treating Fleas On Pets

If there are pets at home, you need to include them in the process of cleaning and driving away, or instead of killing fleas. Use anti-flea medications on your pets. Wash them with shampoos and detergents regularly. You can also apply tropical liquids to the back of your pet and other pest control methods.

Removing Fleas From Your Home

You will need to apply several flea eradication methods, as discussed above. The most important aspect is to ensure there is no other massive infestation once you have cleaned your home and pets. Maintain cleanliness and always be observant to check if there are other signs of fleas and get rid of them before they spread.

Getting Rid Of Fleas In Your Yard

Make sure the grass is short to prevent fleas but still allows spiders to prey on any present flea. Clean up the yard regularly and let the sunshine in to control the moisture. Use formulated flea spray treatment regularly to kill any flea present.


Control of fleas in your home requires commitment and cleanliness of the home each time. Otherwise, they will re-infest and become more stubborn.

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