“Stop The Lick”: Tips For Keeping Dogs Away From Wounds


If your dog has licked a wound, you can distract it with a game, toy, or bone. Giving your dog extra exercise can also help distract her from the wound. Try to distract her for a short period of time. If this does not work, try other distraction methods. You can also use music to distract her. Distraction techniques work best if you can get your dog to focus on the game for a few minutes.


When a dog’s wound is causing discomfort, you can try using bandages. These aren’t ideal for all wounds, and you will have to change the bandages frequently to keep them clean and dry. Also, you must make sure that the bandages don’t get wet, since it will encourage your dog to lick the wound. Be sure to use the recommended ointment and creams, as your dog may lick the bandage and get sick.


If you’re looking for a way to stop your dog from licking the wound on your body, consider using a t-shirt. Children’s t-shirts are a great choice for wounds on the chest and belly. You can also make use of boxers or other stretchy fabric to keep your dog from licking the wound. They work best if they cover the entire incision and prevent your dog from reaching it with their tongue.

Bitter-tasting products

There are many effective products available on the market that can help stop your dog from licking his wound. Some of these are incredibly effective and are even made from ingredients that are commonly found in the home. Bitter sprays are effective at deterring your dog from licking things that are not meant for them, such as a wound. By adding a bit of a bitter flavor to the object your dog tries to lick, he will think twice about licking it, and you will be on your way to preventing him from getting a scab or open sore.

Elizabethan collars

In addition to preventing dogs from licking a wound, Elizabethan collars also discourage dogs from chewing. These collars were invented around 1897 and have been the subject of many studies. Originally, these collars were known as “puzzle collars” and had an outer flange that opens to the neck or caudal end. Elizabethan collars are available in different sizes, with various sizes based on the animal’s size, conformation, temperament, and location of protection.

Food stuffed with peanut butter

A stuffed food kong may help stop your dog from licking the wound. Stuffed food kongs are a fun and delicious way to distract your dog from the wound. Peanut butter in the Kong is an effective distraction that will keep your dog from licking the wound. You can also try apple cider vinegar or gauze wrap. In addition to these distractions, you can also use medicated shampoo or plain Benadryl to relieve the itching. If the itching is severe, you may need to consider administering steroids.

Chilled food

Distracting your dog from licking the wound may be the best way to prevent it from happening again. You can make your own bitters using common household ingredients. A bitter taste will stop your dog from licking the wound or inappropriate objects. If your dog seems to be bored, offer ice cubes of meat broth or soup. Or, you can use anti-lick strips. Bitters will be unpleasant to dogs, but they will stop quickly if you give them the taste of the food.

Surgical recovery bodysuits

how to keep dog from licking wound

Surgical recovery bodysuits are a fashionable way to prevent your dog from licking the wound after surgery. The soft fabric used for the bodysuit prevents your dog from licking the wound and is designed to limit obsessive licking. You can buy these bodysuits in many styles, colors, and sizes. If you don’t want to spend the money on a recovery onesie, you can also use a T-shirt or men’s boxers.

Understand Why Dogs Lick Wounds

When a dog licks a wound, it may seem like a gross habit. However, there is actually a reason behind this behavior. Dogs have a natural tendency to clean wounds and infections. The licking helps to remove debris and dirt from the injury, and the saliva contains enzymes that can help to fight bacteria. 

In addition, licking can help to cool the area and provide relief from pain. While it’s important to keep an eye on your dog’s licking habits, as excessive licking can lead to further irritation, in most cases this behavior is actually helpful in the healing process.

Reward Your Dog For Following Commands To Stop Licking

A lot of dog owners have trouble getting their dogs to stop licking them. Dogs lick for many reasons: they may be trying to get your attention, they may be showing submission or respect, they may be tasting you to see if you’re edible, or they may simply enjoy the taste and texture of your skin. Whatever the reason, it’s important to train your dog not to lick you. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to help discourage this behavior. 

First, make sure you never reinforce licking by giving your dog attention or treats when he does it. Second, have a quick and consistent response to licking – for example, say “no” firmly and then immediately redirect your dog’s attention to something else. Finally, be sure to reward your dog when he follows your commands not to lick. With a little patience and consistency, you can train your dog not to lick you – and you may even find yourself with a well-behaved pooch in the process.

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