How To Potty Train A Puppy

When picking up your new puppy, one of the first thoughts should have is how to train them. We all want a well-behaved puppy that is house trained. Follow along as we plan to help you understand some tips and techniques you can use to help make this a simple process.

Make sure you have dedicated the necessary time to properly potty training your puppy. Remaining consistent with potty training will allow you to accomplish it only in few weeks successfully. If you follow a proper schedule and structure on how you potty train your puppy, the success rate will dramatically increase.

Patience is a critical aspect of proper potty training for your puppy. If you find that you are one that does not have patience, you are much better at having another person train your puppy. If you don’t feel prepared, look at our new puppy starter kit to make sure you have everything you need. It is important that you understand your puppy will still have accidents when you are training them, so train your puppy with caution.

If You Live An Apartment

Potty training a puppy in an apartment may seem like a very unachievable task to many, well I am here to tell you that If you are determined to learn how to potty train a puppy in an apartment, you will learn.

Here are simple techniques to potty train your puppy in your apartment:

  1. Choose a spot inside your apartment for your puppy to urinate his/herself. Go back to this same spot each time the puppy needs to relieve itself. Your puppy will be attracted to relieving his/herself in this same spot after going in this spot a few times. You can use a litter box or just a newspaper.
  2. Have treats ready for when your puppy successfully urinate outdoors. Be consistent with rewarding the puppy, and he/she will be more likely to hold his/her bladder longer if they think there is a treat.
  3. If you see your puppy starting to relieve him/herself in the apartment, pick them up immediately, and carry them to their spot.
  4. Create a word that you use each time you take your puppy out to the spot. It can be something like: “Go pee”, “Do business”, or “Go potty”. Just make sure to be consistent and use the phrase each time you bring your puppy out to his/her spot.
  5. Do not use abusive words if your puppy urinates in the apartment. Some puppies will shut down and not listen if they are yelled at or physically abused.

If You Are Stuck At Work

When choosing your pet, it is vital to decide on a puppy that can live comfortably in your space. There is no sense in bonding with a puppy that will be uncomfortable in your home. Think carefully about how much space you have and what your lifestyle before adopting a puppy.

It is essential the entire family agree to take responsibility for the pet. It is easy for the family to jump on board with the fun part of pet ownership, but when it comes to working, suddenly one person gets stuck with it. Each person can clean up, feed, and exercise the pet, regardless of their age or role in the family.

Those adopting puppies need outdoor space should make sure they have adequate room and accommodations for the animal. You can walk a dog on a leash, but it is much more convenient just to open the door and let the dog run in a fenced yard. If your puppy may be unhappy in its current situation, you may find your dog is pooping in your house on purpose and this could lead to behavior issues.

Finally, stock up on the necessities before bringing the pet home. Be sure you have food and water dishes, items needed to potty train the animal, plenty of nutritious food. Remember, puppies and kittens need special food, so be sure what you purchase offers the appropriate nutrients. Consider buying some toys and treats for your new puppy. They can help train them when at work.

During Winter Time

Potty training your dog is a difficult task in general. However, for those who live in snowy states, the task of puppy training in winter-time can be much more difficult.  Some puppies do not like to go out in the cold because it hurts their paws, making it a complicated task when you want to teach them to use the bathroom outside.  Luckily, there are strategies one can use to make the process a little easier.

Choose a spot outside where you want them to use the bathroom. Although it probably does not matter to you where they choose to use the bathroom outside, it will be easier for them if they have a designated spot. This creates consistency and makes it easier to learn. If there is a lot of snow on the ground, try to shovel the area, so it easier for your puppy to access.

It would be best if you also tried to associate certain words with potty time. Try saying the word ”outside” before taking them outside to go potty.

Then, when your puppy reaches the spot in the yard where you would like them to use the bathroom, say something like “potty”. Your puppy will eventually associate these words with the action it is expected to complete.