How To Put A Shirt On A Dog After Surgery

Having trouble making your pet wear its plastic collar after surgery? Medical pet shirt alternatives offer hygienic protection after surgery or in case of a skin infection. The medical E collar alternatives do not impair the pet’s range of movement. They are usually worn by pets to keep them from biting or licking surgery wounds. The shirts tend to come with their limitations, such as inability to eat or drink and limited mobility.

After surgery, pets get wounds that they love to lick. By doing so, they will infect the wounds and prevent them from healing in a good time. But the Cones or E-collar alternative are some of the options that present themselves when you want to avoid licking. These options are available for both male and female dogs and are made in such a way that they prevent scratching and biting. E collar alternatives are made with a soft touch, a foam-backed pad. It prides itself on assuring comfort and is waterproof.

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Causes For Licking And Scratching

Pets tend to experience compulsive licking and scratching behaviors. Such behaviors are harmful to the dog and ought to be dealt with immediately its noticed. Several actors can cause licking and scratching; They include:

  • Dry Skin: Fatty acids deficiency and severe winter weather may lead to licking and scratching.
  • Boredom and anxiety attacks: Humans have a compulsive habit of biting their nails, and the same trait is exhibited in dogs through licking and scratching.
  • After surgery, pain: After every surgery, there tends to be a pain, and animals will lick and, in severe cases, scratch their wounds. This should be prevented through any means, whether by using recovery suits, shirts, or t-shirts.

Itchiness may lead to constant scratching and licking. Fleas and mites are a significant cause of this, thus leading to itching and biting. Environmental and allergic factors are also a significant cause, and all this scratching and licking may lead to stitches on the body.

How And Why To Use A Shirt To Cover The Wound/Stitches

You can wear a T-shirt or a shirt to cover a dog’s wound. They will have the ability to cove the forelimbs, abdomen, and even the hindquarters. Shirts are also perfect in covering stitches, and dogs tend to bite and rip off wound stitches. This can only be prevented by using a shirt. Shirts are also perfect in protecting the wound from parasites and dirt.

DIY Solutions and Available Products

There several solutions that one can employ if they want to prevent licking and scratching. These solutions include:

T-Shirt From Your Closet

Shirts, as discussed above, are best in preventing these behaviors. And lucky for you they tend to be easy to make at home. You may need an old shirt that will be made in a cone way to prevent licking. An old t-shirt can be re-made at home to make a jacket for your pet dog. Apart from the warm feel, it will help out in solving the problem of licking and chewing

Suitical Recovery Dog Suit

A recovery suit is made specifically to help your dog to recover with as little trouble as possible. They are made to cover the wound and prevent the dog from meddling in it and prevent proper healing. If you need to leave your dog alone for a while, a surgical suit is a good way to buy yourself time. A surgical suit for dogs makes it difficult to pick and lick and stitches and will give you some breathing room for watching your dog. Stopping your dog from licking stitches can also be done with the use of bitter apple spray for dogs because it keeps them from licking and is safe to use on wounds.

Suitical Recovery Dog Suit
  • The Suitical Recovery Suit for dogs is a professional alternative to the medical cone and, as a full-body shirt, also provides comprehensive wound protection, It protects wounds, sutures, bandages,...
  • The patented design is based on the body shape and anatomy of your dog, so it adapts perfectly to the animal and guarantees a high level of comfort for faster and stress-free recovery, The Recovery...
  • The light and breathable fabric made of cotton and lycra gives your dog plenty of freedom of movement, The shirt is machine washable and reusable, Tip - It is recommended to buy two Suitical Recovery...

Homemade Options

Dog suits are usually an easy DYI activity. Homemade suits are cheaper and usually easy to make. It usually only requires having an old t-shirt and a bit of imagination.