Is It Okay To Wash Dog Beddings In A Washing Machine?

Having struggled and found your dog nice beddings, you will also need to maintain their cleanliness.

Regular cleaning is a way of maintaining the beddings and, at the same time keeping your pet healthier. If you haven’t washed the beddings since you bought them, then it is high time you do it thoroughly.

Dogs usually play in dirty places and may even bring pests attached to dirt into your house. Therefore, you need to clean both the pet and its beddings. Machine washing dog beddings is okay but wash them independently from the other human clothing.

How To Wash A Smelly Dog Bed

Vacuuming is the best way to start up cleaning your dog’s beddings. This removes dirt and hair that may be deposited on the beddings. You are allowed to use a laundry machine with detergents that do not irritate the dog’s skin. Tumble dry or hang out in a well-ventilated area to avoid mildew or formation of mold.

How To Clean A Dog Bed Without A Removable Cover

First, you have to remove the loose dirt by vacuuming. If the bed has some stains, then you should deal with them later. Use hot water to clean the beds thoroughly. Squeeze out as much water as possible and then keep it to the sun or put it in a dryer to dry completely.

How To Do A Quick Dog Bed Cleaning

Finding a quicker way may not be possible. Follow the longer way but ensure the safety of your pet. Vacuum at least three times a week and dry clean dog beddings once a week. Always confirm the washing instruction on each bedding to know the exact washing time.

How To Thoroughly Clean Your Dog Bed

The best guide is washing the dog beddings once every week. All the items and clothing that your dog comes in contact with should always remain. You may launder them for at least 140 degrees Celsius, therefore, killing all the germs and dirt. Dry the beddings in the highest temperatures to send away any form of dirt.

What Should Be Used To Clean Your Dog Beddings?

You will need a vacuum cleaner to blow away fur and light dirt. Skin-friendly detergents, hot water, and washing machines are also essential. Lastly, a drying place, either a dry cleaner or some well-ventilated place to dry the washed beddings. With all these requirements and commitment, the beddings will be ever clean, and your dog’s hygiene will be assured.


Dog beddings can be washed in a washing machine to ensure complete cleaning. Similarly, the activity of cleaning should be consistent and as per directed instructions.

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