KONG Floppy Knots Dog Toys

Now here’s a really cute toy I have to share, they are vibrant, squeak and have no mess if ripped.

The Kong Floppy Knots Fox, yes knots! Has strong rope knots interwoven to create the body of the animals. This makes the animals easy to pick up, toss and play tug of war with your dog. Plus, a great asset for the puppy’s teething which can last up to 6 months of age and beyond. These toys are also great if your dog is an aggressive chewer.

Squeaking can happen, with the plastic bottle located in the middle of the toy. Just press in and you can hear the toy squeak and your dog jump around excited to play with the toy.

The top head of the toy is hard knot covered with a fabric design so It won’t rip up with fluff exposing and covering your house with mess! This is one of my favorite things about the toy, it lasts forever, it’s been a toy for our dogs for years and they still look brand new.

KONG Scrunch Knots Fox
  • Realistic pelt toy
  • Stuffing free for less mess
  • Stretchy sides create realistic movement

With the great price for such a durable toy it’s been a great invest for my puppy that grew up over the years. The keep it close to the dog bed when they sleep or when we are away. Durability is what a puppy needs in a toy and this solves all the teething moments when playing with them.

Sizes can be difficult to figure out but luckily the toys come in both. S/M and M/L. Using the small option with a puppy can be perfect for them with cuddling and also running and playing with around the house and in the backyard.

One thing that gives me great peace of mind is, Kong dog toys warranty is that of 60 days. The reputation over the years with high quality toys shows if you have any issue with the product Kong will get in contact and help fix any issue you may have.

If the toy does break within the 60 days from purchase just reach out to Kong and let them know what happened. You may get a full replacement, which can be a great money saver. I don’t ever get that option with other toy brands.

The characters offered are pretty cute to own I must say, I find it hard not to buy them all. Over the years the Kong Knots collection has grown to over 20+ critters to pick from.

Scrunch Knots Squirrel

KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel
  • Realistic pelt toy
  • Stuffing free for less mess
  • Available in two sizes: S/M and M/L

Knotted rope with a plush material with a stuffing-free inside makes it less mess if ripped, with stretch sides that create more realist movements when used.

Wild Knots Bears

Knotted rope with a plush material with a stuffing-free inside makes it less mess if ripped. This is a classing among dogs, with its soft cuddly body it’s perfect for a puppy’s when it’s nap time. Being one of the top characters in the collection it can be more of the ones seen online (Chewy.com) and even local pet shops like PetSmart.

Tugger Knots Moose

KONG Tugger Knots Moose
  • Perfect for interactive games of tug
  • Minimal stuffing for a minimal mess
  • Ropes inside are looped together for added strength

Tug of war style toy with one handle on both ends of the toy. Perfect for teething and pulling while playing with the dog. Great toy for the early dog to learn basics with. Comes in 3 different characters to choose from too! (Moose, Frog & Monkey)

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