Best Way To Identify Newborn Puppies: Whelping Collars

The best way to identify newborn puppies is to use whelping collars. You might have a hard time finding some because a newborn puppy is often referred to as a whelp or whelping.

Saying whelp means the same thing as saying a puppy, but it is a good way to distinguish between a puppy and a newborn puppy. It becomes much easier to find what you’re looking for when you start asking for whelping collars.

Whelping collars aren’t exactly the easiest collar to find, especially since these pups grow really fast! You’ll want to use something safe!

There are specially made id bands you can use that break loose if the puppy outgrows it overnight.

Best Whelping Collars

Complete Puppy Whelping Kit
  • Made for Large to X-Large Breed Dogs!
  • Longer Velcro ID bands 14"
  • Larger more absorbent whelping pads 30" x 36"

Having a whelping kit can help you check off many items from your shopping list. This kit even includes identification collars and has enough supplies to care for a litter of up to 12 puppies.

People who buy this kit are impressed with the thought that was put into gathering all the items you will need. With charts, graphs, and equipment to keep your puppies safe from getting sick, this kit has made it simple for beginners to care for puppies like an experienced breeder.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to taking care of your newborn puppies, then this whelping kit is the answer.

Being able to identify your puppies in a litter is just one of many things you need to be mindful of. How are you going to feed them? How will you keep track whose been fed or has had a chance to eliminate?

Being prepared for every situation is the key to success when it comes to raising newborn puppies in a litter.

Puppy Litter Collars to Easily Identify Each Puppy

Blaoicni Puppy ID Collars w/ Breakaway Safety
  • ★EASY IDENTIFICATION--Our ID collars come with 12 different bright colors,They are distinct which makes you easily to identify newborn pets.
  • ★GREAT MATERIAL--The puppy identification collars are made of soft nylon material, is washable, colorfast and reusable.
  • ★SATETY BUCKLE--Breakaway safe buckle releases when pressure is applied, it makes our ID collar very safe for puppies, and very convenient for you to open it.

As a safety precaution, the buckle is built to snap if there is too much tension. For a puppy that grows quickly, their collar might start to feel really snug. This can be difficult to monitor especially if you have a larger litter.

By having a break-away buckle, the collars will detach on their own if it becomes too tight.

These puppy identification collars are perfect for telling your litter apart. With each collar having its own designated color, the whelpings in your litter will be easy to identify. The adjustable straps are incredibly useful because of the rapid growth of every whelp.

Reusable, Washable Pee Pads to Start Potty Training

Having a washable dog pee pad solves a lot of problems at once. They’re super absorbenteasy to wash, and quick to dry.

Another recommendation from us would be to use a dog pee pad, preferably one that is washable. We’ve seen dog owners buy entire packs of dog pee pads that get thrown out once they’ve been used.

Newborn puppies pee quite frequently. Having a pee pads starts teaching them about designating places to eliminate.

Reusable and Washable Pee Pads
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Whether you’re a breeder and want to brush up on some facts or someone who was surprised with a litter to take care of. It could help to understand some of the fundamentals of looking after a new puppy litter.

Outside of finding the best way to identify newborn puppies, you may want to read more tips from this dog breeder website. They cover possible complications and help you to understand what is happening around you.

How Young is Too Young to Start Using Whelping Collars

newborn puppy collars whelping

You don’t really realize just how small a newborn pup is. Look just how small this brand new puppy is in this photo found on PetMD.

You can fit it into the palm of your hand! Have you ever thought about how you would put a collar on a dog so small?

Some would argue about how soon you can use whelping collars. You have to remember that most litters can come out where every single pup looks completely identical to the next.

It is very common that breeders will use these collars almost immediately.

You need to remember to always:

  • Make sure that the collars are not too tight, even with a break-away buckle.
  • You should be able to fit one finger between the neck and the collar.
  • Dogs need to feel a sense of identity. Be sure to give one to each dog before he goes to his new home.

What To Use For Whelping ID Collars

If you’re going to be looking at a litter of fresh puppies, then chances are you’re going to need a way to tell them all apart.

Whelp collars come in many different colors and are made to be adjustable. You will need to have the adjustable whelp collars since puppies grow very quickly.

At this stage, they would need a new collar almost every day!

The best whelp collars have a safety break-away buckle feature for their buckle. This is a critical component of having a whelp collar.

If your puppy grew a little fast, you may not notice it right away.

A break-away collar buckle is designed to self-release when enough pressure has been added. In this case, it would be that the collar became too tight. Instead of causing hard to any of the puppies in your litter, it would self-release.

Very Small Puppy Collars

puppy whelping collars

There are many adult dogs that don’t get much bigger than a whelp of a larger breed.

These breeds have small collars that could potentially be used as a whelping collar. Getting very small collars for your puppy is definitely doable.

Just use the guideline above to make sure the collar is safe for your pup. 

These collars are what you should use for your whelpings.

You may also consider getting a newborn puppy collar for your non-newborn, but small dog! Some breeds have very small frames and stay that way. These will also work as a collar for cats!

Why You Should Use Color-Coded Puppy Litter Identification Collars

Using identification bands is a very common practice in telling apart the litter of newborn pups. The collars you see pictured above can be bought in a pack of 12, with all varying colors.

Since most litters are usually smaller than 12, you may end up with a few spare colors to choose from. This review on Amazon shows a litter wearing these bands to showcase what they look like.

What You’ll Need to Care For Each Puppy

Additionally, it may be a good idea to stock up on a few other essentials. Some basic items such as leashes, bowls, and poo bags will go a long way.

You can see our list of essential items in our new dog starter kit checklist. In this list, we go over a few key items that will help with raising a puppy past its newborn stage. It is a great resource for letting potential puppy adopters know what they might need to look after their puppies.

How to Mark Puppies

One of the most important steps is marking puppies for identification purposes. One way to do this is by using a marker on your pet’s fur so that they can be identified from a distance. A simple way to do this is by using a Sharpie marker to create unique identifiers on the fur.

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