Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

Dogs like to chew on things. It is part of their nature. Some dogs are more aggressive chewers than others. It seems that nothing can withstand the power of their jaws. Aggressive chewers need to have plenty of toys so they do not get into something unsafe. Aggressive chewers can go through plastic and fabric toys in no time. The material that they are chewing on the need to be safe. If the dog swallows it this can lead to a problem. There are some toys on the market that are safe for the dogs and will stand up to aggressive chewers.

Safe Dog Chews For Aggressive Chewers

There are some dog toys on the market that are safe for dogs that are aggressive chewers. These toys will be able to withstand the power of their jaws and they will keep the dog busy for a long time. A person should take some time and research the different brands and the different toys on the market. They should find a toy where the dog cannot break it up and choke. They should also look for material that is non-toxic in case the dog does break it up they will not be hurt.

Tips For Making Chews Safe For Aggressive Chewers

If a person does have a dog that is an aggressive chewer they need to take some of their items out of the reach of the dog. Anything that has a person’s scent on it will attract the dog and this may not be safe. Dogs are going to need plenty of toys especially if they got through them often. Toys and safe bones can help keep the dog busy. Some ropes can keep the dog busy as well as heavy-duty rubber balls. The toys should be made from non-toxic material.

Benefits Of Dog Chew Toys

There are many benefits to giving dog chew toys. If a dog has their items to chew on it will help reduce destructive behaviors and the dogs getting into things that they should not. It will also help relieve anxiety and will have a calming effect on the dog. Dogs get bored just like people. chew toys will help relieve this boredom and will help keep their mind sharp. These toys will also help release some of the energy that the dog has and will them to use it up.

How Often Should You Give Your Dog Bones Or Chews?

While there is no general rule for this the dog should always have access to some type of safe chew toy. If a person is giving the dog a bone or a chew as a treat it should not make up more than 10 percent of their diet and their daily calorie intake. A person can speak to their vet to determine the ideal calorie intake for the dog.

Some Of The Best Chew Toys

Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone Chew Toy

This bone is designed for aggressive chewers and it is made in the United States. It is tough and can last for weeks. The toy is curved so it is easy for the dog to hold in its paws and will provide hours of chewing entertainment.

Petstages Dog Chew Toy- Long-Lasting Chewable Stick

This toy is shaped like a stick and is a great alternative to wood. It will not splinter. It is made from natural wood fibers and safe synthetic material to give the look, texture, and taste of real wood. The dog will have a safe chewing alternative.

West Paw Design Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball

This ball is perfect for heavy chewers. It is soft, lightweight, and will even float in the water. When the dog is not chewing it is great for playing catch. There are different sizes and it is made in the United States. This toy is safe and it is latex-free so that it will not harm the dog.

EETOYS Dog Toy Tough Durable Hard Dog Chew

This hard dog toy is shaped like a bone. It is made from heavy-duty nylon so that it can stand up to both tough chewers and teething puppies. If a dog does break off a piece of the toy it will pass through their system safely. This toy can also be used to promote dental hygiene and will help clean the teeth as the dog chews.

Titan Busy Bounce

This ball is treat dispensing and will release treats as the dog chews. It has an odd shape so that it will bounce all around. This toy can be used to give to a dog with separation anxiety so it can chew and play. The ball is made from an FDA approved rubber so it will not have the dog.

Other Options

When you’re just looking for a great chewing treat, consider buying your dog a beef trachea. They are loved by most dogs and can even clean their teeth and gums. It is a common concern that beef trachea may not be safe for dogs, which is a rational fear because of the potential small and sharp parts your dog may be able to chew off.