Everything You Need For A Successful Start With Your New Dog

Right now, there is probably a little puppy dog in your vicinity(maybe in your lap right now). He or She doesn’t know it yet, but you’re going to shape their mind and teach them everything they know. You’ve taken the responsibility to be the one in charge of this young pup’s bright future. Congratulations! But where do you even begin?

Follow along as we take you through the essentials of your very own……. w00f!… Dog Starter Kit!

When I got my puppy, I must have bought one of everything at the pet store. I couldn’t even fit all of it in my car. Even then, I was still missing something and all the other stuff I bought started to feel like junk.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you! This is the essential stuff you’re going to need if you want to start this journey right.

Let’s start with something really easy. It’s a lesson. Take a look at these three do’s and don’ts for a new dog. Just follow these 6 simple rules. It’s really basic stuff and really easy to remember.

Basic DOs:

  • Spend five to fifteen minutes every day taking your puppy through a simple training regimen.
  • Take your pup outside regularly(preferably somewhere that has grass).
  • Make sure he or she gets a chance to run around to burn off all that extra energy.

Basic DON’Ts:

  • Don’t yell at your puppy if you are frustrated. Just walk away.
  • Don’t let your puppy eat as much as he wants. He can get sick.
  • Don’t give a treat if he is misbehaving. He will very quickly develop a bad habit.

Start Training Immediately!

Puppies are incredibly quick learners! This is part of the fun. You can start training puppies immediately once you’ve adopted them. If your puppy is less than 8 weeks old though, consider giving him some time to develop a few more motor skills first.

Puppies, like humans, can too get frustrated when confused. Puppies will usually lose interest in training once they’re exhausted, and you don’t want to ever exert your puppy while he’s in the gentlest periods of development.

What Has To Be Bought?

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. You need to buy quite a bit of stuff if you want to be prepared. I’ll be honest, my dogs are over 5 years old now and I still have some unused junk that I bought since adopting.

I’ll tell you what you absolutely need first. After that, we’ll create an advanced dog starter kit by adding more specific items.

You need a leash. You need a leash. You need a leash.

This one is a must. Even if you’ve got a big property. Get a leash that doesn’t break. You want to avoid any leash that is made with cheap stitching or plastic. Retractable leashes work fine, too. The problem is retractable leashes can break. If that’s your only leash, you’re going to be running to the store posthaste. Get something simple and reliable.

What we recommend is buying a double lead leash with reinforced stitching. Once we bought these leashes, we stopped buying leashes. These will last you a lifetime. Be sure to check if they’ve got a color you like. You’re going to be seeing a lot of it.

Primal Pet Gear 6ft Long Heavy Duty...
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  • NEW STRONGER CLIP; we have upgraded with a Thicker Thumb release knob that won't break easily.

A collar is just as necessary as a leash.

Now that you have a dog, and a leash to walk him, you need a collar. There are so many different styles of collars out there. There are a few things you should consider when buying a collar.

  • Do you want a buckle?
  • Is it too soon for a training collar?
  • What is the right size?
  • What should I avoid?

Honestly, it’s pretty hard to go wrong in choosing a collar. I would just be sure to start with something gentle and simple. The different styles essentially move up the food chain toward training collars.

Every collar used for training can be classified as a choke collar. The purpose of a choke collar is to gain control of your dog if he starts to pull during walks. See the varying styles of choker collars for dogs to better understand your options.

  • Durable Material. This heavy duty dog collar is made of high quality and durable 900D nylon material with neat stitching and soft padded lining to prevent chafing for your dog's skin and hair with a...
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A dog bowl to eat out of.

Walking your dog is great for burning off some extra energy and letting your dog poop on some grass. All that energy and poop has to come from somewhere! A bowl is absolutely necessary. Not just for eating, but for creating a routine and some familiarity. Dogs will jump for joy near their bowls when it’s feeding time.

Here’s a fun tip! While your dog is still getting used to using their new bowl, take this as an opportunity to train them. Rather than giving them treats as rewards, give them their regular food for feeding. They’ll be food driven and will make any training a breeze. Be sure to make this training super easy for them, too. This is their dinner we’re talking about!

YETI Boomer 4, Stainless Steel, Non-Slip...
  • The YETI BOOMER Dog Bowl is designed to be as dependable and adventurous as your best friend
  • FOOD SAFE – The Boomer 4 holds 4 cups (32 ounces) of enjoyment. Perfect for kibble, water, and prime cuts
  • 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL - Puncture resistant, rust resistant, and tough enough to handle any dents and dings

A way to properly clean up messes.

Every new dog owner knows the struggle of cleaning up messes left by your dog. When your dog poops or pees in the house, it starts to become a habit. Every time they do it, it gets easier and easier to keep doing it.

This isn’t just because of habit, though. Your dog has marked its own scent in your home. These areas make for a prime target to drop off some more pee or poop. This is also why dogs will want to visit the same spots on their walks.

How do you get rid of this scent? You need a special cleaner that will do that for you. You can’t just use any cleaning supplies to get this job done. You need one that specifically targets the scents that get left behind from a dog’s urine. Get what we got, Nature’s Miracle Stain and odor remover.

We probably went through about 5 bottles of this stuff, but it worked. Our dog’s still peed, but that was because of the potty training. They didn’t form any habits of wanting to go inside.

Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover...
  • Stain and odor remover trigger spray helps clean up dog-related messes
  • Accidents, grass stains, mud, vomit, blood and odors are no match for Nature's Miracle's bio-enzymatic cleaning formula
  • It works to permanently eliminate many organic stains and odors and features a light, clean scent

Poo bags, but the good ones that also hide poop smell.

We have a running joke about poo bags. At least when it comes to shopping for them. What kind of poo bags should I get? The good ones. The ones that can also hide the poop smell. We just call them lavender bags at this point. We’ve gone through so many of these bags that the smell of lavender actually makes me think of picking up poop.

When I’m picking up poop, do you know what I’m not thinking of? Having to smell it. These bags magically mask the smell of poop and have always been our go-to brand. It’s not just the scent that makes them our top choice, it’s how reliable they are.

These bags will almost never tear. Even with a pointy stick from the ground poking at it. The bag material is pretty thick so you never feel like your hand will break through. A must for any dog starter kit.

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags, Guaranteed...
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Puppy Training Starter Kit

The shortlist of essential dog starter kit items will get you started in the right direction for any dog. If we’re talking puppies specifically, then consider adding a few items from the puppy training starter kit list as well.

These are a few key items that will make those first few months a little easier to get through. When it comes to training, you may want to get your hands on a few things that are proven to be the best things to own when training a puppy. Certain dog treats and toys are great for almost dogs, but when we’re talking puppies, we need to take several things into consideration.

  • Puppies have razor-sharp teeth.
  • Puppies have a lot of energy.
  • Puppies have no training and everything is new to them.

Loud And Bright Clicker For Clicker Training

The trick to buying a good clicker is to have one that is big and bright and can make a lot of noise. Some clickers look nice, but when you open them, they’re not clicking very loudly.

We’ve chosen this one because it’s the one we use. To take your dog’s training to the next level, you will absolutely need a clicker. This tool has changed our lives.

Some days, our bigger dog can be so stubborn and tough to train. When teaching her to give a paw, she absolutely would not want to participate. That is until we got ourselves a clicker.

By using a clicker, you can very quickly communicate to your dog that certain behaviors warrant immediate praise, then a treat. With this simple tool and technique, we were able to get her to do literally anything we wanted. By getting her to clue into what was going on, she very quickly caught on that she will be rewarded for participation.

Starmark Pro-Training Clicker for Dogs
  • Quality And Performance Driven Products For Your Pet
  • Tested For Safety And Health
  • Provide a better quality of living for your pet with Starmark

The Classic Kong Toy Will Keep Your Puppy Busy

One of the BEST toys you will ever get for your dog is any KONG toy that allows you to sneak a treat into the toy. Use a big cracker treat, or spread a bit of peanut butter on the inside. Fun tip! If you’re using peanut butter, try freezing it overnight!

This will easily double the amount of time they need to spend to get all of it. This toy on its own deserves an honorable mention for the starter kit essentials list.

To keep your new dog busy, you’re going to need toys. There is a wide range of toys to choose from, and your little one won’t be too excited about each and every toy. You can find which toy your dog likes best simply by picking out a handful of different ones and seeing which type of toys it likes best.

Dogs are like people. They go through phases of liking things, then get over it and stop caring. By having the option to sneak treats into the Kong, you can guarantee your dog will always be happy to spend time with this toy.

KONG - Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural...
  • XL Dogs (Up to 90 lbs): The KONG Classic red rubber toy is 3.5" by 5"; it helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs while providing mental stimulation and encouraging healthy play
  • Fetch and Chew Toy: The KONG Classic's unpredictable bounce makes for exciting games of fetch and other interactive play with your pet. This is a fun way for average chewers to get the exercise they...
  • Stuffing: The stuffable KONG Classic is even more enticing when treat filled with bits of kibble, peanut butter, KONG Easy Treat, Snacks or Ziggies. Bonus: For an added challenge, freeze stuffed KONG...

Treats That Let You Hold Your Dog’s Attention

We’ve tested dozens of different kinds of treats, and the one that has consistently worked for us has been soft treats. They are easy to break apart, and our dogs have never(not even once) lost interest in these treats.

It has been our go-to grab for walks and training. For this list, we’re recommending Zuke’s Duck Recipe mini naturals dog treats. They have a whole selection of different flavors (chicken, salmon, etc) but for some reason, our dogs go crazy for the duck flavor.

These treats are pretty small, but even our big dog doesn’t mind the tiny portions. They’re nice and smelly (a huge bonus for a dog) without actually having a lingering stink. Something about soft and moist dog treats makes for a really easy training tool.

To train a dog, you’re going to need treats. Dogs, especially puppies, will do anything for a treat. A puppy usually has so much energy, it can burn off all the food you’ve been feeding it. This is the optimal time to give them extra attention, and extra treats. They will be extremely food driven and their minds are the most impressionable able age.

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Wild...
  • Treats Dogs Go Wild for! Perfect for training or rewarding, our Wild Weenies snack will delight your pup
  • The Power of Raw: These all-natural, freeze-dried raw treats are a convenient way to add the power and taste of raw to your dog’s diet
  • Duck Is the #1 Ingredient: Made of 97% poultry and organs, such as duck meat and turkey liver, our Cage-Free Duck recipe has an irresistible taste dogs love

Other Dog Starter Kit Items

puppy starter kit

There are some less essential dog starter kit items that definitely deserve an honorable mention. The items listed above are universally accepted for every dog owner to own. Everything from here on out is pretty much based on how some puppies can have different needs.

For example, your puppy is pooping or peeing in the house. What are some of your best options to get past this time until your dog learns new behaviors? What if you have more than one dog or puppy to look after? We’ll take a look at a few of these concerns.

Should I Use A Puppy Training Grass Pad?

Training your dog to use a grass pad isn’t for everyone. Some people even frown upon their believe this teaches your dog the habit of doing his business indoors. The fact is, not all dogs can hold it long enough to make it outside.

Especially with a brand new puppy, you will be lucky to get him outside with minimal mess. This is good for helping a new puppy with potty training. As someone who has used a grass pad for two puppies, I can tell you it’s a lifesaver in the first few months.

This is especially useful for condo and apartment puppies.

Pee Pad Training Problems

The problem with pee pad training is that your dog might develop a habit of only doing his business on the pee pad. It’s quick, and it’s convenient. Can you blame him? Your dog will be less likely to want to go during your walks, and will just save it for the one at home. 

How To Train A Puppy When You Work

This is a tough nut to crack if you can’t take your dog to work. It may be time to consider crate training your dog. Some people disagree with crate training because of the process of getting started, but it actually becomes an incredible way to house train your dog and keeps him safe when you’re not home.

When we started phasing out crate training, our pup was still getting into things she shouldn’t have. One of the times she was left alone, she ate about 10 days worth of kibble and had to be taken to the vet. We weren’t sure when to stop crate training, but that definitely reminded us that we weren’t ready.

Several Puppies To Look After?

dog starter kit

It may be difficult to identify which is which. Consider getting yourself some ID tags or ID collars. Your best bet would probably be to get some puppy whelping collars. For anyone looking after a litter, this could be much higher on the list for a dog starter kit.

Puppy Training App

There is a handful of puppy training apps to choose from. With most apps like these, it really depends on which app suits your preferences. Since all of these apps are competing for the same space, they all try to make them easier to use.

With lots of features, notifications, and other bells and whistles, these apps can feel cluttered. We recommend taking a look at Puppy which is available on both Android and iOS. If you want to take your puppy training to the next level, enroll in a puppy training course online.

They don’t cost much and can help you understand things that some blogs or apps wouldn’t even know to mention.

Proper Preparation Is Key – Make Sure You Have Everything You Need Before Bringing Your Dog Home

Bringing a new dog into your home is an exciting time, but it’s important to make sure you’re properly prepared before making the commitment. Dogs require a lot of care and attention, and if you’re not ready to provide that, it’s best to wait. First, you’ll need to make sure you have enough space. If you live in a small apartment, for instance, a high-energy breed may not be the best fit. You should also consider whether you’re able to handle some additional daily exercise – most dogs need at least 30 minutes of walking or running per day. 

Next, you’ll need to think about what kind of food and supplies you’ll need. Dogs have different dietary needs than humans, so it’s important to do your research and choose a food that’s formulated for their specific needs. Finally, make sure you’re prepared to handle some additional noise and mess in your home. Even the best-behaved dogs can be rambunctious at times, and accidents are bound to happen – especially when they’re puppies. By taking the time to prepare ahead of time, you can set yourself (and your new furry friend) up for success.

Feeding Your Dog The Right Food And In The Right Amount Is Important For Their Health And Well-Being

Most dog owners know that it is important to feed their pets a nutritious diet, but many are unsure of exactly what that means. Just as with humans, the key to a healthy dog is feeding them the right food in the right amount. A diet that is too high in calories can lead to weight gain and other health problems, while a diet that is too low in calories can cause your dog to become malnourished. 

It is also important to make sure that your dog’s diet contains all of the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy. Dogs require different amounts of certain vitamins and minerals than humans, so it is important to consult with your veterinarian to make sure that your dog’s diet is complete. Feeding your dog the right food and in the right amount is one of the most important things you can do for their health and well-being.

Training Your Dog Not To Bark Excessively Is An Important Part Of Owning A Pet

Dogs bark for many reasons, ranging from excitement and happiness to fear and anxiety. While it is normal for dogs to bark on occasion, excessive barking can be a nuisance to both owners and neighbors. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to train your dog not to bark excessively. One of the most effective methods is to provide positive reinforcement when your dog is quiet. 

This could involve giving your dog a treat or verbal praise whenever he or she remains calm. You should also avoid yelling or punishment, as this can only serve to increase your dog’s anxiety levels. With patience and consistency, you can train your dog not to bark excessively, creating a happier home for both you and your pet.

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