KONG Floppy Knots Dog Toys

Now here’s a really cute toy I have to share, they are vibrant, squeak and have no mess if ripped. The Kong Floppy Knots Fox, yes knots! Has strong rope knots interwoven to create the

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Imagine a day without electronics. No TV, no Netflix, and definitely no phone. Sounds pretty boring, right?

Things can be just as bland for your dog if it doesn’t have any toys. Sure, walks and jogs are loads of fun, but after a while, or if you’re not home for an extended period of time, your dog will start to get bored. This is where dog toys step in. Dog toys are a good way for your pet to release their energy, have fun, and not chew on your sandals!

Not just this, but dog toys are great for both mental and physical stimulation. As you probably know, if your pet sits around doing nothing for long enough, they act differently. Even if your furry friend is usually hyper and loves to do things like run ahead of you during walks, a few hours with nothing to do will leave them hesitant to even get out of bed. Don’t be tricked into buying super expensive toys that promise they’re “The Only Dog Toy That You’ll Ever Need to Buy!” Often, something as simple as a bone chew toy is a good way to keep your dog engaged for several hours.

Along with keeping your dog engaged and active, dog toys are also good for ensuring the development of natural behavior. What do I mean by this?

From the time that we’ve domesticated dogs, we’ve been treating them more and more humans instead of dogs. It’s easy to forget that your dog’s ancestor is the grey wolf when you’re cuddling with it, but the truth is that, in some aspects, you shouldn’t treat your pet like a human. For example, dogs are natural predators and need to have the feeling that they are hunting after something. When they have nothing to chase after, they’ll release their primal energy with destructive behavior like chewing up your furniture. Toys can fill in this gap by giving your dog something it can spend its energy on.

In short, dog toys are good for dogs because they give them a chance to release all of their built-up energy and help keep them mentally and physically healthy.