Why Are Nylabones Bad For Dogs

Having a dog pet is exciting, but the commitment to keeping it healthy is essential. Nylabone is a company that produces edible and inedible dog toys. Nylabones dog toys help reduce dog anxiety and encourage responsible behavior and, at the same time, strengthen their jaws. Many people who have pet dogs have had different opinions on the whole idea of dog toys.

The question usually is, are Nylabone toys suitable for your dog? As much as the toys keep your dog engaged, they may not be ideal for health. For instance, if your pet swallows a Nylabone toy, you will have to take it for operation because the toys are made of more plastic, indigestible. One of the more acceptable options to give your dog is trachea dog treats.

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Popular Dog Chews That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

Some dog chews are confirmed by many keepers to be harmful. Hard chess blocks and bones are so hard and may in dire situations, break the teeth of a pet. Most of the blocks and bones are usually very small even to puppies and can be swallowed easily.

Bones usually splinter, whether cooked or raw. This makes them dangerous to the digestive tract of your dog. Other harmful dog toys include cow hooves and deer antlers, which are extremely hard and may damage your dog’s jaws and teeth.

Are Nylabones Safe For Dogs And Puppies?

Nylabones, or rather nylon bones, are not good for your dog. Here are some reasons that outlay nylabone, they are hard and harmful to teeth. On several occasions, the dog may end up chewing out some plastic hence damaging the digestion system. Especially to puppies, the nylabones may cause serious harm to their health.

Chews That You Should Avoid Giving Your Dogs

Some chews are good and give your dog some busy chewing time. Pig ears are number one, as much as it can give your dog a busy schedule, the ears can be a base of bacterial diseases and may obstruct the tract. Though not regular chews, Ice cubes should not be given to dogs, whether in summer or winter. Sticks are readily available but harmful to the jaws because they can easily break, injuring the pet.

How To Tell If An Edible Chew Is Good For Your Dog

Here are some tests to carry on your dog toy or chew to determine if it is healthy for your pet. First, use your thumbs to press a bet on the toy, you do not feel it, and then it must be too hard. It would help if you also chose a medium size toy to reduce both the danger of swallowing and hurting. A good toy is long-lasting and gives the pet long fun times. The flavors on its coating should be digestible, plus the toy should be easy to wash.


Nylabone is a good brand, but at the same time, its products are wanted. Research well before risking the health of your pet.

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