Why Does My Puppy Eat Poop?

Puppies are cute, but why do they eat poop? Why does my puppy eat poop and what can I do to stop it from happening?

These are two questions that many people ask themselves when their dog has this bad habit. Puppy eating poo is a common problem for pet owners, especially if the animal is younger.

The most important thing to know about why puppies eat poop is that it’s not because they want to annoy you or make your life difficult; there could be underlying health issues or dietary concerns causing them to have this need.

Reasons For Why a Dog Might Eat Poop

There are several different reasons why a dog might eat its own poop. Some of the most common causes include:

Diet Related Issues (Digestive)

The animal may not be getting enough fiber, protein, or calories from their food and as such is turning to other sources for nutrients.


If this pup isn’t eating regularly then they’ll start looking for an alternative source of sustenance which in some cases can turn out to be poop.


Gross! But it’s possible that your puppy has become addicted to certain things because you’ve given them too much access without realizing what was happening and now they crave these items including feces.


It may be that your pup is getting a lot of pressure at home and they are looking for a way to relieve the stress by consuming poop.


Dogs will do just about anything if it means they have something new or exciting going on in their lives so eating poop could simply mean that this poor guy needs some stimulation in order to feel fulfilled.

Why Does My Puppy Eat Poop When I’m Not Home

One reason your puppy is eating poop when you’re not home is because they’re lonely. This is because a pup’s natural instinct is to keep their den clean and if that means eating poop then so be it.

It could also be a sign of separation anxiety

Pups are very social animals and if they don’t have frequent contact with their owners then this can cause a whole bunch of issues from depression to eating poop.

Mental health

Even though we’re not sure why your puppy is doing it, giving them more attention when you do come home will help alleviate some potential problems like boredom or loneliness which often lead to the problem in the first place.

Or just feed them! It’s possible that an empty stomach has turned him into a poop-eater but either way, he needs food ASAP so be prepared for some foul play while you prepare his meal because hungry pups aren’t picky eaters!

How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop

You can help your dog to stop eating poop by putting him on a special diet that promotes a healthy appetite and digestion. First off, never punish your pup for this. This will only make them think that it’s okay to eat poop because they get punished for it.

Instead, try rewarding them when they do something good like going potty outside or sitting nicely in the kitchen while you cook dinner. Once they start doing these things more often than not, their behavior will change and they’ll have less of an urge to eat poop!

What Can Happen From a Dog Eating Poop

This is not only gross but also dangerous for their health. Dogs are often curious about their surroundings and will eat things that they shouldn’t. One of these is poop! This can mean a dog has contracted parasites or even worms, which could lead to illness in the dog.

The two most common types of worms you might see are roundworms and hookworms. Roundworms infect your pet by entering through the mouth, crawling through the stomach lining, and then exiting through feces.

Hookworm larvae enter via skin contact with contaminated soil; once they get into your body, they travel to other organs such as lungs or intestines where they mature into adult hookworm beetles.

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